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BeaconTron is committed to bringing the genuine and  vital  economic and  socio-environmental benefits and rewards of Renewable Energy  solutions to the popular and commercial markets.
This commitment is fulfilled through dedication to  customer service, value, excellence, integrity, innovation, education, quality and continuous improvement in all facets of the organization.

Our generation has both a tremendous opportunity and a tremendous obligation.

Major advances in core technologies and productive capabilities related to the practical implementation of Renewable Energy sources present us with the opportunity to radically shift our global dependencies on traditional hydrocarbons, and help prevent the dire socio-environmental consequences of continued reliance on those traditional sources.

These advances, coupled with widespread incentive programs and the rising cost of traditional energy sources have brought us to the point where the implementation of renewable energy systems can now make pure economic and financial sense at both the individual and industrial levels, regardless of the obvious environmental rewards.

Beacontron's mission is to ensure that these resulting opportunities are presented and delivered to the mainstream residential and industrial marketplaces through the implementation of fundamental principles of business excellence, value and service.