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Growing Marijuana Hydroponically

With cannabis being legalized in Canada, home grown marijuana is now a viable and legal option for most Canadians.

All provinces and territories allow home grown options for personal use, except for Manitoba and Quebec.

The limits are generally four plants per household, with no limit on the storage limit except for 1000 grams in BC, and 150 grams in Nunavut.

Hydroponics based solutions are a natural option for those interested in home grown marijuana.

Please browse our site for numerous products that would facilitate this process.


Solar Powered Hydroponics

Solar power can play a key role in supporting hydroponics projects large and small in several ways, from reducing electrical costs of grow lights, to directly powering pumping systems in remote locations.

In this upcoming resource guide, we'll discuss the alternatives available, and provide the basics of evaluating if using solar power for your hydroponic garden is right for you.